TransPink Ltd. - freight transport Romania - EU

TransPink Ltd.

TransPink Ltd., which main activity consists of national and international freight transportation in the EU, has born in 1998 in Romania’s E-W region in Satu Mare. It is a 100% private, family owned business. As a response to that time’s commercial and transportation needs, we have started with 7.5 t and 22.5 t trucks, suitable for “normal”, general good transportation.

As a demand and expectation from our customers, we have decided in 2002 to systematically change our trucks to Maxi Volume types – with 3 m inner heights. We also hoped to catch new customers with this movement. As the past time proved it, we have made the right decision. Our older partners has welcomed the more capacity and we have also managed to build up new, successful relationships with other customers as well.

Vision: „We are looking straight ahead”

Beside of continuously increasing sales, we have successfully managed to step over the crisis of  2008. The relationships with our partners have become even stronger, but in order to maintain this in the future too, we are planning the following:

  • Creation of our own logistics warehouse;
  • Creation of our own garage and headquarter;
  • Fleet renewal and development with more environmental friendly vehicles.


Our philosophy

Our company favors the quality and not the quantity transportation. For us  a completed order always can only mean a satisfied partner. This we can achieve only with a fair, honest and always reliable work, only in this way we can become the best.